Saturday, 12 December 2009

Some Product

Any blog on the Sex Pistols can receive nothing but praise here. God save the queen, I swear! Some Product is just that, a Sex Pistol blog. I hear you asking, "some product"? Well, the name comes exactly from an interview album, which features the members of the Sex Pistols. The blog does not yet host a lot, but hopefully more is soon to come. For now, try Anarchy in the UK, A live Birmingham Concert, the Spunk Demo`s and The Electric Circus! Enjoy the band that is responsible for initiating the punk movement in the UK!

Oldish Psych & Prog


The name says it all, Oldish Psych & Prog gives you the best of psychedelic rock, rocky garage and progressive rock tunes. All delivered for free to your doorstep ;). What names to expect? Well, think of Simon & Garfunkel's The Sounds Of Silence (great album), the Kinks' Face to Face, the Finish formation Tabula Rasa (which I had had not heard of before) among many, many (Cockney Rebel, Curved Air, Chocolate Watchband) more. Do not be afraid to get bored, this blog has been almost daily updated since January of this year. If you only have time to check out one blog today, this one should be it!

Trapeze - Touch My Life (1970)


cleavagedownunder (Aussie all the way!) is the band that has "Come back from the past to create a tone for the future!" This crazy Aussie band brings back your old 70’s & 80’s songs and performs regularly around the Melbourne area. For glam & lip syc at its best, it will always be "cleavagedownunder"! Check it out, this stuff is good fun :)


iamobsessedwith is a personal, fresh, enthusiastic and yet unpretentious voice in the music blog world. Expect great music reviews, accompanied with lovely youtube videos, made with love and dedication. Have a try and see for yourself!

Florence and The Machine - Swimming

Music GK

It has been some time since we had Hindi music, which is strange because India hosts the second largest population in the world and has an amazing music industry. Music GK has huge database of hindi lyrics of bollywood soundtracks and hindi pop songs. They update their database on a daily basis and love requests. The first place you need to go for your Hindi lyrics ;)

Writer C.W. Ross's Blog

Writer C.W. Ross's Blog introduces you to the latest indie music and christian music. Although, the site does not host many uploads, the music reviews are rock solid. Ross has been writing about music for over 20 years now and has many music reviews on his blog along with interesting music news. Check it out!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Genuine Fakes

The Genuine Fakes "is the new hope of powerpop in Sweden. Their songs are fueled by rock and catchy singalong melodies". How to describe their music best? "It’s Popsicle-rock with Beach Boys harmonies!" At least according to their fans ;). Why not give these guys a try? Check out their videos below. Ps. Nice mustaches, guys!

The Genuine Fakes - Issues (Alcazar, Sthlm)

The Genuine Fakes - I Won't Be Home Tonight (Alcazar, Sthlm)

Good Hair Music

We like good music blogs, but who doesn't? However, I hear you thinking: what makes a good blog? Well, check out Good Hair Music to find out. Although they don't offer any music to download (unless offered by the artist), they always have the freshest posts - whether it's retrospective music from the 70's or brand new music released today. They also feature some really interesting videos by mainly underground top artists. They update their site almost every day and introduce you to upcoming and relatively unknown artists/ bands such as: Portico Quartet, Sa-Ra, Domu legendary DJ Vadim among many others. Check it out!

Fashawn "LIfe As a Shorty" feat J. Mitchell

Social and Music

Time for some more mainstream oriented music. Social and Music doesn't do whole albums, but allows you instead to pick the MP3s yourself. What to expect? Well, think of: 50 cents, Eminem, Kanye West among others.

Kanye West - Flashing Lights ft. Dwele

Skip the greek

Greece is not well presented here, which is why I am happy to present to you: Skip the greek! A new blog that provides you with highlights of greek music, expecially for non-greek listeners. There is not much to say yet about the blog, since they have only recently started. Try some rebetiko or some bouzouki and bring the ouzo (ούζο) with you!

To Koutsavaki Anesths Delias 1935 (ο φιγουρατζής)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Tha Deathstar

Tha Deathstar posts quality Dubstep House Beats, HipHop and Electro. Deathstar also informs their readers about upcoming releases or events in the Dallas, Texas area. The blog only started in November, but I have a good feeling they will stay with us for some time to come. It is cool that all music is directly downloadable from their website ('right click and save as' principle). Try it out!


Flageolette is your place for Latin, funk, break beats and all sorts of jazz. The blog has been around since 2008 and thus hosts hundreds of posts: AcidJazz (59 posts), Freestyle (99), Funk (118), Soul-Jazz (95), Triphop (56) and a lot more. Most of the music here is out-of-print, widely unavailable releases and/or otherwise hard to come by. I have seen Toets Thielemans, Madhouse and a cool record named "Vampyros Lesbos". Flageolette is definitely worth checking out for your daily funky sounds. Enjoy!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Jazz Updates!

Some more Jazz Blogs, Enjoy!

Baby Grandpa (Funk, P-Funk, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Disco, Fusion)

Freedom Records Sybylys Jazz (Jazz)

Jazz Sermon (Jazz)

Orgy in Rhythem (Jazz, Latin, Soundtrack and OOP)

My Jazz World


My Jazz World is probably or most likely one of the best jazz blogs on the Internet. There is no doubt the owner knows his/ her stuff! The blogs provides you with "records which sadly have gone out of print and/ or never have been released on CD". Expect an amazing selection (1000+ posts!) with a database that goes as far as 2007. Reuben Wilson, Keith Thomas, Johnny Lytle, this blog has all a jazz lover needs. Probably one of the best music blogs on the web, success guaranteed!

Turning Point - Creatures of the Night

More Psychedelic Delicacies

And finally some more psychedelic delicacies ;)!

Homemade Lofi Psych (Mystical or Psychedelic Music)

Bomber Blog (Psych)


Time for some sunshine and some samba or in other words: Its time for some solid Brazil blogs!

Loronix (OOP and not Commercially Available Music)

Rio em Disco (Brazilian Classics, Reviews)

Som de Brasil (Brazilian Classics)

1960s, 1970s Rock and Psych

Three worthwhile 1960s, 1970s blogs to help you through this Sunday!

Hippy DJ Kit (1960s and 1970s Pysch)

Lajso-Sound ltd. (1960s and 1970s Rock)

Yu Rock from Sixties (1960s Rock)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Psychedelic/ Experimental Part II

Some more Psychedelic and Experimental Blogs for you!

Entre A Me Mente (Rock, Psych Rock)

Garage Music (60's garage)

Garden Of Delights (Psych, Acid Folk)

FM Shades (Rare, Psych, Underground, Avant Punk)

Faintly Blowing (Rare and OOP Psych)

Friday, 4 December 2009

Christmas Blogs

It's maybe still a bit far, but Christmas has to start somewhere, so why not here?!

Christmas Music Everyday (Christmas song a day)

Sanity Clause's Shanty (Music and more)

Christmas Forever Favorite Christmas Records

A Christmas Yuleblog (some MP3s and links)

Free Christmas Music (legal Christmas music downloads)

Christmas A Go Go!

Kerstalbums plus avi films (Dutch)

New Psychelic and Experimental Blogs

Time for some psychedelic blogs, carefully selected among the best on the web. Enjoy, but do with moderation.

Drawing Mountains (Drone, Ambient Lo-Fi , Electro, SynthPop, Exp.)

Dogs Can Read Your Mind (Experimental, Ambient, Drone)

Digital Mettdown (Weird Stuff, Psych)

Dias de Garage (Garage, Psych)

Black Acid (Global Psych and Prog.)

1967 - O Ano da Psicodelia (Psych - Spanish blog)

What's Bluesdaddy Listening To

Bluesdaddy started his blog sometime in November, but I have a feeling that this blog will stay with us for a little while. The music is listenable on the site itself, and includes names such as: Groupo Pesado, The Avett Brothers and Paramore. It's a shame that none of the music is downloadable , but you can at least give it a try (before you buy) through the blog's lala application. Check it yourself.

A North Country Bhoy

A North Country Bhoy offers you "eclectic selections of rare and unavailable vinyl, live shows, remixes and radio appearances crossing a broad spectrum of musical genres". Although eclectic, imagine a blog with a good range of especially Balearic, reggae and solid remixes. The blog opened up only last November, but has made a good start. Here, you will find everything from Tricky, Bjork and the Nextmen to Frankie Valli (now that sounds good) and Alabama 3. Talking of which, enjoy some Soprano ;)

Alabama 3 - Woke up This Morning


MicDem provides its visitors with refreshing Underground Hip-Hop. Expect a mix of good music from Esoteric, El Da Sensei, Jedi Mind Tricks, some DJ Premier and a whole lot more. The blog is regularly updated and as of yet counts a total of 594 posts(!). To get a taste, check this out:

SOULBROTHA feat. Blaq Poet, Nut-Rageous & Kyron of Screwball - Nuts N Screws

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

House Mixes


Too long have we waited with our review of one of the best, if not the best, house music blog on the net. I am of course talking about House Mixes, an amazing site featuring everything from: Electro House, Funky House, Minimal, Techno to Jungle, Drum n Bass and beyond (far beyond). You name it House Mixes has it!

They have a vibrant Internet community allowing you to create a free profile to bookmark your favourite mixes, something which over 60,000 have already done. The site attracts over 8,000 visitors per day. No wonder people call it the Facebook for DJs ;). Anyways, enough with the talking, lets see hear some action!

gj gremlin - old skool jungle ;-))

NASTY CASH - Sexy Ass Breaks

Akuma-J - Gabba Muthafuka


Monday, 30 November 2009

So Many Roads To Ease My Soul

(The Byrds in Amsterdam)

So Many Roads To Ease My Soul reminds me of course of the Grateful Dead song, but is also the name of a new and promising blog. SMRTEMS is specialised in high quality classic rock bootlegs. Expect the big ones: Eric Clapton, Bruce Hornsby, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel and other rock legends. For the blog's collection of Grateful Dead bootlegs, click here. Definitely worth to secretly check out during your lunch break ;).

Grateful Dead - So Many Roads

Rainy afternoon in london

A rainy afternoon in london is a new blog which is a mix of music reviews, mixtapes and general observations. Expect to find here: mixtapes, shoegaze, electronic, dubstep and dub. Although, the blog is relatively new, we trust Naomi (the owner) will make a visit worthwhile. Give her recommendation, The xx, a try:

Friday, 27 November 2009

G-UNIT Tapes

I am not sure, but I think that G-UNIT Tapes is the successor or at least somehow related to G-UNIT Music. Anyway, G-UNIT Tapes provides you with the likes of 50 cents, G-UNIT, Mobb Deep and others. Sample of what you can expect below:

DJ Roughandz - Letters to 50 Cents

Andau91s Blog

Andau91s Blog is an Italian blog where you will find predominantly contemporay pop music. Expect Laura Pausini (Italian female singer), Shakira, Madonna, Marilyn Manson and others. Shake those hips!

Shakira - Did it again



Brilldream is a blog dedicated to unearthing indie, indiepop, northern soul (etc) that you may not have heard of. They are polishing up old gems and generally keep the faith. They also have a myspace site here. Expect The cavalcade, The school etc. Try it out:

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Sakalli is the follow-up of The new site covers 60s and 70s rock, progressive rock, folk rock and other delights. Expect names such as: Insect Trust (60s, 70s rock), Key Largo (experimental blues), Tramline (blues), Tetragon, Judas Priest and many others. How it sounds? Nice :)

Junior's Eyes - Imagination


Ever heard of Avax? If you have not, feel ashamed! This blog has nearly everything! Music, Movies, Games, TV shows, Ebooks etc etc. To help you find your way a bit, let me guide you:

# Avant-Garde - HERE
# Blues - HERE
# Cajun - HERE
# Celtic - HERE
# Classical - HERE
# Comedy - HERE
# Country - HERE
# Disco - HERE
# Easy Listening, Chillout, Lounge - HERE
# Electronica - HERE
# Folk - HERE
# Gospel - HERE
# Instrumental - HERE
# Latin American - HERE
# Jazz - HERE
# Metal - HERE
# New Age - HERE
# Pop - HERE
# R&B - HERE
# Rap - HERE
# Rabiz - HERE
# Reggae - HERE
# Sacred - HERE
# Rock - HERE
# Songwriters - HERE
# Soundtrack (OST) - HERE
# Vocal - HERE
# Various Artists (VA) - HERE
# World | Ethnic - HERE
# Other Styles - HERE


Les Fleur du Mal

With a name such as Les Fleur du Mal (Baudelaire's masterwork), you have a head start. This Spanish blog supplies you with Post Punk, Goth Rock, Death Rock, Dark Wave, Cold Wave, New Wave, Dark Folk and other niceties.

Want to taste? Go ahead.

Christian Death 1334 (in Madrid)

Also expect the likes of Last Rites, Fields of the Nephilim, The Fall, Brendan Perry etc. Turn on the volume and enjoy,


Some more progressive music blogs today! Weedtemple is a blog devoted to psychedelic, experimental, noise, folk, rock, drone, electronic and krautrock music. Example? There, you go:

Alarm Will Sound - Cfern (Autechre)

What else they do? Fuck Buttons, Plankton Wat, Earth Station and many other psychedelia. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Vaiuma Gasosa

Don't work to hard, have a break and try the Portuguese band Clã, coverig Golden Skans from Klaxons at vaiuma gasosa. A Portuguese blog, covering Portuguese and English indie music.

Tips for Progressive Indie Sounds

So many blogs, so little time. Here is a selection of some of the more progressive indie blogs! Well worth visiting, I promise!

Missine to New Music
A lot of newer, lesser known, Indie music (good quality music and a good selection).

A good selection of Indie music and a lot of experimental sounds.

The New Noise
More experimental in nature with a lot of drone and a crazy selection of Chondritic Sound

No Not Fun Not No
A smart blog with Obscure indie music and progressive sounds. Think: Drunkdriver, Necrofest and Robedoor,

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Rare MP3 blog


The tip of today is the Rare MP3 blog. An amazing site which hosts an even more impressive amount of albums. The blog provides rare, deleted, oop (out of print) and hard to find music, including various bootlegs and some soundtracks. Chuntao has been running this blog now for over a year and it has only gotten better ever since! Pay special attention to the blog's Fanny Collection which includes 6 (!) albums. And while you at it, this one is a must have for every self-respecting rock fan. Enjoy the Rare MP3 blog its massive!

Three One Oh

Three One Oh! focuses strictly on new Electro House and Fidget House releases. Its contributors Kopedale and DJ supply their visitors with 8 to 10 posts a month full with club downloads. Their Electro House Wednesdays are highly recommendable! Also check out their amazing Spencer & Hill (google their myspace page, which is worth visiting btw) and Felguk collections! Finally, also check out DJ's Essential Selections Podcasts, its hot damn hot! Done? then sit back, relax and enjoy this one:

Funky Town Disco Music

My eyes hurt! Funky Town Disco Music is full of funky colors! However, it is not all flashy make-up which this site has to offer! No, of course not! The people from Funky Town take you instead back to the 1970s and fill your ears with disco music, funky classics, ageless soul and great pop songs. The blog wants you to revive the music of that age and regain the memories of your friends, adventures and your first love... Yep, David (the owner) is a romantic :)!. You go David! Now, lets get funky!

Michael Willow

Every now and then we promote a new, unknown or talented artist. This time that is Michael Willow. Michael is a Greek singer whose songs are distinctive for their intense lyricism that cover a wide range of subjects (isolation, loneliness, love etc) . He is influenced by various musicians, such as David Bowie, Tori Amos, Scorpions among many others. He is known for his distinctive baritone voice, but has nevertheless been commented as having an “Axl Rose vocal quality”. is a professional multi-blog that since February 2009 offers its services to new and upcoming musicians. It is thus not only focused on Michael Willow's own music, but also helps musicians and fans to find useful information on various music related subjects. The website is "an independent voice in the music world with the main aim to spread and produce quality music". Check it out!

O Holly night

Noise Problems.

With some delay we would like to introduce you to Noise Problems. The blog provides you with music from almost any genre, mostly live concerts, that are all nicely uploaded in high quality mp3 format. The blog is Amsterdam based, which in my eyes, is always a plus. They work with on-site players that allow you to listen before you download. What to expect?

Well think of names such as: Blues Control (Noise-Rock), Punky Donch (reggae), Capillary Action (pop rock) and many other lesser known musicians, bands and artists. I hope the Dutchies will continue their blogging efforts, because I want to hear a lot more! Enjoy Noise Problems.

Pure house music

Pure House Music, does give you ehh... HOUSE MUZIK. The blog opened up sometime in September of this year and has ever since posted very regularly 2 to 3 posts per day. Here you find DJs such as: Green Velvet, Nick Harvey, Remaniax, DJ Jean and many others. Expect an emphasis on Club-House, Electro and Progressive House. The thing we liked about the blog is the fact that it allows lesser known DJ talents to upload their promos, mash ups and mix tapes. Supporting the industry is always a good cause. Keep it up, mes ami(e)!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Jake and Elwood


Some people can do everything. Well nearly everything, Jake and Elwood seem to be such people. They manage to maintain 5 different blogs. One for each decade. Jake and Elwood - 1960s provides you with the best of the Byrds (love 'em), The Beach Boys and many others from a time that has long passed by. Their 1970s blog, which I personally find well worth visiting (might be because I think that it was then that the best music was made), is full of good albums from the Doors, Kraftwerk and many others. The 1980s are again well worth visiting for your Black Sabbath and Blondie tracks. The 1990s is their seemingly most popular blog. Here you find Lenny Kravitz, Outkast, Queen etc. Their last blog (where do they find the time!) is more contemporary in nature and deals with the almost past decade of 2000-2009. Ever heard of Beyoncé, Neneh Cherry or DEUS? Tired of visiting them all at once? Well rest assured Jake and Elwood are willing to help you a bit and summerise the best of the best in their greatest hits blog. That last blog is more informative in nature and thus hosts a lot more text. Well boys and girls, I think Jake and Elwood deserve the title of tip of the day. Congratz, guys - well done!!

Chill Out Session with DJ Cool Carla

Our inbox is full with all kinds of requests, questions and recommendations. Chill people chill! Fortunately there are blogs such as this one. All you need to do at DJ Cool Carla's Chill Out Session is to: 1) press play 2) listen and relax. The blog is served with "extra flavor for maximum relaxation and grooves". All tracks are directly accessible from their site and composed of ambient,chill out, deep house, downtempo, Dub, Future Jazz, Latin and a pinch of triphop. Sit back and relax!

MP3 Zippy

Whether or not MP3 Zippy is part of the Zippy conglomerate is unknown to us. MP3 Zippy works on the basis of weekly updates that mainly provide you with popular remixes. The choise is yet limited, but we hope to see more soon. The site also hosts a good search option which allows you to more easily find your music in the Zippyshare database. Search and one shall find! DJ Shadow (ninja tune) gave me 44 results back, Beethoven 60, Nouvelle Vague and Shakira too many!

Sunday, 22 November 2009


Last, but not least, review update for today! Its time for some dub (finally!)! Dadasonic's opinion on dub is not a rhythm, but an idea". The blog goes dub and even beyond. We saw UK dub, old and new styled reggae and much more! We saw reviews, updates, youtube links and some solid remixes ready to be downloaded. Want to stay informed about who is who and who does what in the dub galaxy? Dadasonic is your place! King Midas Sound, bOOmbOx (delicious it is indeed!), Dubterror etc, etc. It is all here! Enjoy with or without your green.

Roller Ship

Jonah asked us to add his blog Roller Ship already some time ago. Here, at All Music, All Blogs, there was however, some discussion as to whether or not it was a good idea. I hear you asking "was it that bad?". No, of course not Roller Ship is a great blog! But it is not all music here. We decided to review it anyway, because the blog's selected movies fit well to its music! After all, who can resist movies such as galaxina, fantastic planet (that is actually a very good one) and many other cultish delights! Music-wise Jonah is similarly well-informed, expect some new waves, a tad of jazz, a little avant garde and one tyrannosaurus rex. White Noize, Joe Birkin, Moondog here I come!

Pssst, enjoy the blog's Green Slime (IMDB)

From the front of the choir

Chris is a singing workshop leader specialising in unaccompanied harmony songs from around the world. His blog "From the front of the choir" is an example how music blogs are supposed to be: made with love and with a lot of passion for music. His blog is funny, informative and personal. Chris presents his thoughts and views on the use of vocals in music. He does this on the basis of "Natural Voice" principles. The "Natural Voice" ethos states "that everybody can sing... and that nobody should be denied access to music. Hence the method doesn’t use written notation, but all songs are taught by ear". Want to learn more or improve your singing ability, while having fun? Check Chris' blog out and learn from a pro!

Sloppy Records

Sloppy Records is an interesting interdisciplinary blog. Let its owner, Red Dirt, take you from the drum and bass of Seba & Krazy to the folky and intriguing voice of Marianne Faithfull. All Music, All Blogs definitely recommends Sloppy Records! Don't forget to try their uploaded Likwid Biskit "The All New Umm", its fffunkyy!

Salvo’s Muzic

Salvo’s Muzic looks a bit like a disco dance hall. Rest assured however, I mean that in a good way! The blogs' flashy colors are complemented with the latest in lounge, soul, nu jazz, full house, deep house and electro. All mixes are made by the blog's house DJs. Salvo also provides you with relevant music news, music videos and numerous helpful links.

Seduced by Music

Seduced by Music is a new pop music blog. The blog specializes in new releases, so expect: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Stereophonics and various compilations.