Thursday, 31 July 2008


Here is another of those unique sound blogs! Say hello to Eclectic.Soundclash. A blog for quality music. Lend you ears for some funky Hip Hop, Jazz, Electro, Prog. and other delights! Enjoy!

01/ 08/ 2008 Entries Part I

Another day, new blogs and a lot of small surprises. African Hip Hop, Brecht and a clean lay-out:

  • WorldVix - Sometimes you have blogs that are popular, because they have popular music, while other times they have a clean and clear lay out. Well, this blog has both, easy lay out/ easy music.
  • Zero G Sound - I like this blog. Why? because it was brave enough to post some poems of Brecht! Who? Forget about it! This blog is definitely Avant, Prog. and Poetic with a lot of German spirit! A TIP!.
  • Totally Fuzzy This Blog needs no introduction. Legendary and attracting thousands of visitors each day. TIP!
  • Naija Jams - I have been to a lot of countries, but I am ashamed to say that I have never visited any in Africa. High in the list is however Nigeria. The reason - music being one. Check it out, a Nigerian music Blog!
  • African Hiphop - Sometimes, I get tired of all that American Gangsta rap. What a relief there is such a thing as classic African Hip Hop. A TIP is well deserved for this blog!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

31/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part I

These blogs are all A-class and I cant decide which one to recommend more. Just check them out:

  • Zinhof My Music - This blog knows its music. The whole Beatles discography, BB King, Billy Idol, but also Etta James and even Whitesnake (A lot of "Best of and discographies).
  • NitroFiles - Is another decent blog. Featuring New Order, Simple Minds, but also more mainstream Pop and Rock music.
  • 8 DAYS IN APRIL - Want to know what 'Krautrock' constitutes of? Check this blog out. Also your source for Vintage Psychedelic and Progressive rock! This is quality!
  • TWILIGHTZONE! I reckon that this must be the best music blog that I visited today. Kuddos for the twilight! Psychedelic, garage, trashy punk and even some classic rock & roll. Definitely TIP!
  • Opium Ben - I spoke to Ben yesterday and asked him to describe his Blog, he responded: "Quark, Strangeness & Charm" I think he was right. TIP d'art l'avant garde!

30/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part II

List of all kinds of music blogs, some ok, some good, some great. Have a look and test for yourself:

30/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part I

You can always leave your blog in the shoutbox and after my approval Ill link to your blog. Today two new blog requests:

Sad News

Bad news... One of the best Trip Hop blogs, La Musique, has been forced to stop their blogging activities. But don't worry, as we all know, Music Blogging is not going to die anytime soon! Increase your efforts and make sure the world grows ears!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

29/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part III

On request from a much appreciated and attentive reader, check them out below. Other dedicated Hip Hop fans also should check out HBB (Hip Hop Bootleggers). A true Hip Hop Bootlegg heaven.

29/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part II

In addition to the blogs already added automatically today (The Fingersnapper, bootlegbob and The Bang the Box) now some bootleg rock stuff!

29/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part I

Today some experimental, inter-disciplinary, difficult to categorise sounds to make your ears tinkle. I love these blogs, although they are giving me a hard time to categorise them!
  • autov3rs3 - Mixing electro with rock and Funk with lyrics without words.
  • avant-spiral - Has music that you are not supposed to enjoy (and that's a complement!).
  • Baroque Dub - Mixing dub with all other things (Mixes only).
  • Prog not Frog - Has lots of very kool prog. rock gems and mixes it with jazz, funk etc.
  • A Closet of Curiosities (sister site of Basement Curiosities) - I have seen Chinese folk, twilight zone music, music for mythic moods. This blog is great for all kinds of niches!
  • Decoder - Avant Garde, unreleased, out of print, 'music from the avant-derriere end of town'.
  • Wassonii - Out of Print releases, clips and other rarities.

Monday, 28 July 2008

28/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part II

New load of blogs decicated to soundtrack/ scores from cult, mainstream and class movies:

28/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part I

I found some classic rock, some soul and one new gospel blog for you:

Saturday, 26 July 2008

27/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part III

Some Hip Hop entries now, including some Spanish/ Latino HH blogs:

27/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part II

New section on Drum and Bass, GhettoTech and Jungle, featuring (and more to come):

27/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part I

Special request, a new lounge list featuring (and more to come):

26/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part III

26/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part II

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25/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part I

24/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part II

24/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part I

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21/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part II

21/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part I

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