Saturday, 20 September 2008


Yeah! Another African music blog, loving it! Check out Outorogod. "Oro is invisible. He is only audible by the rhomb's sound. Oro is a musical Voodoo". There is a lot to see and listen to on this blog: traditional music, voodoo (check out the compilations), African rock, African Jazz and even some soul. The music comes from Niger, Benin, Ghana among other African countries. This is good news for the fans (of which I am one)!

Friday, 19 September 2008


Melomanoamable is yet another good eclectic (Spanish) music blog. Melomanoamable does not only Electronic music however, you will also find here: experimental sound, a bit of Arabic music, Flamenco, Rumba, Spanish Hip Hop etc. Most of the music is of Spanish origin. Updates are on an irregular basis and come together with a short Spanish description (sometimes with a video) to the album discussed. Although the blog is relatively new, it is worth checking out.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

El Hombre Infinito 8

Mckinon has been nagging me for weeks now to add his blog here. Normally, I really detest people that spam me and give them accordingly and appropriately an instant ban. However his El Hombre Infinito 8 is not all that bad. Mckinon provides you with mostly homemade podcasts (from Radiohead to The Beatles and beyond) on his not so frequently updated blog. Although there are not a lot of posts as of yet, it is definitely still worth a glimpse.

LA Friendly

LA Friendly is a pretty new English/ French blog which brings you cool music for cool people. Expect heavy electro sounds, liquid acid trips, revibed hiphop mixes, new wave electronic among other delicacies. Posts are dropped on a frequent, daily basis. This blog has potential and I am sure it will even only get better. Enjoy, cos this stuff is well recommended!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Miscreant Productions

Miscreant Productions (love the logo) is a very interesting early electro/ booty blog. A good selection of electro sounds, sample sources and Miami bass rhythms provides the visitor enough to listen to on this now officially classic electro and booty music blog. Although, recently the posts have come in smaller numbers, Miscreant Productions still is an essential place for people with a love for the nostalgic, early days of urban street noise. I am sure there is enough stuff (beyond only music) here to keep you busy for a while. A true recommendation, they rock!

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AusPopMix provides you with a growing collection of 80's pop and rock (INXS, Breakfast Club etc). The blog is yet brand new and the amount of posts is thus still limited. Nevertheless, it looks as if this blog could be well worth a bookmark for future reference.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

House Music @ 18 BPM

House Music @ 18 BPM delivers well... House music at 128 beat per minute, of course! Posts are dropped on a daily basis and consist of sub genres such as Progressive House, Techno House, Electro House among other things. Although the blog is relatively new ( the author commenced in August this year), everything seems in place to make this place worth visiting. Enjoy.

OG Latansa

OG Latansa is specialised in both contemporary Arab music and more traditional music from the Middle East. A fine niche blog which usefully categorises its assortment of posts in the labels: Video Clips (50 posts), Male Voice (44 posts), Female Voice (38 posts) and Top Arabic Mp3s of 2008 (37 posts). Posts come regularly (sometimes 3 a day) and are of good quality. In other words, a well-recommended blog for the fans of world music and unmissable for the lovers of Arab music! Good job, guys!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

The Jackboyz

The Jackboyz is a kool looking Hip Hop blog complete with albums and music videos. The Jackboyz have their base in the US HH scene and promise to deliver you daily updates. Expect names such as DJ Muggs, Nas, DJ Quick, DJ Premier, Talib Kweli among many new and older US HH legends. Definitely not a bad place to hang around a bit. Keep it up guys.

Radio Rommeltje

Radio Rommeltje can, judging by its name, only be a Dutch blog. Am I right or am I right? Well, it might also be Flemish. Anyways, Radio Rommeltje is a relatively new blog which provides you with mostly popular music from the 80s, 90s and today. Expect albums from Whitney Houston, Avril Lavigne, The Pet Shop Boys and some Euro things. It still looks a bit uncertain which direction this blog will take, but the beginning is made.


R-T-C (no, I have no idea what that stands for) is a very good blog which does Rock, Pop (43 posts), Indie (95 posts), Electronica (70), Metal (43), Acoustic (27) and Rock (90) among many other genres (Dance, Hip Hop , New Wave etc). This multi-disciplinary blog knows its stuff well and provided you with both quality albums and entire discographies. I have seen everything from Roots Manuva to Limb Bizkit and from Shitdisco to Tool. The contents loads easy and the music is plenty (updates are at least daily and up to 100 posts a month). Very convincing good stuff, no doubt. Still, I would love to know what R-T-C stands for! Anybody?

Rio Groove FM

Rio Groove FM is Brazilian, hot and... groovy. Tito Puente (Latin Jazz), Jimmy Castor (Disco Funk), Raul Mascarenhas (Brazilian Jazz), Brooklyn Funk Essentials (of course!), you will all find them at Rio Groove FM. Posts are updated daily together with a short review in Portuguese. A good place also to grow love for the latin groove. Enjoy.


Kucsimuka is a pretty straight forward blog where you are able to download fine Blues, Jazz & Pop and Rock music. A nice feature is that the links are provided through anonymz. The posts are both in English and in Hungarian and updated every two to three days or so. The selection is good and diverse. Well recommended.

Fire Drills

Fire Drills is a relatively new blog which provides reviews and publishes single MP3s. The reviews are short and concise and give you a good understanding of what to expect from the music under discussion. Expect reviews from Moondoggies (Rock), The Features (Psych. Rock), Greg Laswell (Indie Rock) and Night Marchers (Punk Rock). Useful blog for information on lesser known rock/ indie bands.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Doctor Mario

Doctor Mario is a Spanish, Catalan Blog which provides you with music commentaries from different epochs. I find it difficult to catagorise this blog, but expect a wide range of different music genres ranging from The Deadly Snakes (Indie Rock), Tom Waites, The Staple Singers (Gospel) to Alex Chilton (known from his work with Box Tops and Big Star). The blog is updated twice to thrice a month or so. For those whose Spanish is better than mine this blog must be welcomed.

Scott Gill

Scott Gill is a somewhat difficult blog at first, but once you get the hang out of it, it all becomes clear and pretty straight-forward. This link generating blog is organised alphabetically by the name of the band, artist or DJ you are looking for. As soon as you found what you were looking for, the link will take you to Gill Scott's Wiki Site (master site categorsised by music band is to be found here), where you are able to find a great amount of third links to albums of the music you were initially looking for. Still difficult? Go ahead an try it out yourself, thus stuff is well recommended!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Retro Universe

Retro Universe is well a... 80s blog of course! The site is regularly (daily) updated and features a whole range of quality music. For the 80s generation names such as Julien Lennon (the son of), Eruption (I can't stand the Rain), Rupert Holmes (escape) and Smithereens (recommended stuff) must sound familiar. A well recommended blog for the fans and a great job the blog's contributor has already done and is doing. My thanks to him!


Ultra8201 is an Austin (Texas, US) based blog which provides you with "tour dates, (single) MP3s, concert pictures and (music) videos". Expect an emphasis on music from Coldplay, Ben Harper and Radiohead but also (though to lesser extent) from Ghostface and Spank Rock. The two contributors to a good job in keeping the blog interesting and update their site at least every two to three days. Thanks guys, keep it up!

Hidden Track

Hidden Track is a professional looking blog which has the "great vision to cover anything having to do with music" (paraphrased). The blog is related to Glide Magazine, an online mag which provides you with reviews, single MP3 downloads, columns etc. Hidden Track is a nice daily updated blog which gives you everything from the latest on Alice Cooper, links to Mp3s to remixes and concert reviews. Schedule some time to visit this one, because there is a lot to be seen here. A blog to be enjoyed!

Música y Cómic

Música y Cómic is a small Spanish music blog which mixes (mostly rock) music and comics. The comics you'll find on the page, while the download links are to be found in the posts' comments. This relatively new blog is updated 2 to 3 times every month. I hope that to hear more from this blog and that more posts will follow.

Monday, 1 September 2008


Finally for today then there is Moustacheland. A fine name for a blog with a range of House DJ Remixes and Bootlegs. Besides some albums and single MP3s (25 posts), expect a lot of videos (38 posts in total). A blog worth checking out for the fans of House and Club music.

Mood Swings Music


Today's second blog is Mood Swings Music. It is difficult to describe this blog in a few lines. This is not a bad thing, but makes my job more interesting! Where to begin? With some names: "Milemaker (Punk/ New Wave), Killing Joke (Post-punk), Dennis Wilson (Baroque Pop), Eric le Lann (Jazz) and even Van Morrison. Another good thing, apart from the wide variety of music and music genres, is the fact that Mood Swings Music is updated on a daily basis. Sometimes the blog even has more than one post a day. This blog is TIPPED without doubt.

Eclectic Grooves

At Eclectic Grooves one can find "everything but the kitchen sink". Rap, Psych Fuzz Rock, Electro-Jazz, Free Folk, you name it, Eclectic Grooves probably has it. The lay-out is simple, yet clear and straight-forward, updates are seemingly almost on a weekly basis. The music selection is diverse, albeit of good quality. Yes, this blog is a winner! Go ahead and check out!

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Mp3 Start and It's Linked

Mp3 Start has a nice music selection of music blogs and also uploads single MP3s to zshare. The listed blogs are not categorised by genre or alphabetical, but are nevertheless clearly visible to every viewer. The seems to be a emphasis on hiphop music, but also other genres are represented. Not bad, not at all.


A lot better even is their other blog, It's Linked. A good place to search and find your favourite tracks and albums. In fact the idea behind It's Linked is quite brilliant indeed. Simply type your query in a Google box and search the results for all your favourite Hip Hop, Rap RnB, Soul and other audio files. The site is still in Beta phase, but could well prove to be a good alternative for your average Google/ Yahoo search. Definitely worth checking out - TIP!

Sound Roots

Sound Roots is a pretty cool blog which does world music and global culture. The latter intends to add a bit of political and historical background information to the music discussed. There are only a few full albums available, but there are lots of samples available. I (out of my own interest) especially appreciate the blog's post on Chinese POP music. Well worth a few minutes of your time.

Son Kullanma Tarihi Olmayan Müzik Yazıları

Sehirliderviş seems to be a Turkish owned blog. Don't hate me when I am wrong, our Turkish is somewhat rusty! Anyways, Sehirliderviş does Metallica, The Walkmen (Indie Rock), The Moody Blues, Black Stone Cherry (Post-grunge, Hard Rock) and other alternative music genres. It is a pity my knowledge of Turkish is so limited, otherwise I think I could discover some good Turkish bands/ artists. Nevertheless, this blog is promising and well recommended for those with an alternative spirit. Enjoy.


We have come back from our respective holidays and are now accepting and adding new blogs again. Enjoy our new selection of quality music at the place where music lovers begin.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Bluesman's world

Bluesman's world is a (proudly) Hungarian owned blog. The blog does World Music (a lot of good Hungarian stuff), ethno, folk and even some gipsy. I even saw some good old klezmer, well done! The blog started in April this year and is updated on a daily basis. This one is well worth checking out for those who want to hear something new!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Modern Music

We were told that we forgot to include Modern Music. Well, I guess we did. Modern Music is a cool and recommended mostly Indie (but also Pop) oriented music blog. A place to listen to sample MP3s and to read reviews of (mostly) new albums before actually buying/ downloading them. In other words, not a place to download the whole thing, but rather to taste before possible acquisition (or download). The reviews are not bad and pretty critical (which I personally find a plus), the downloads are solid and mostly go through Rapidshare. Not bad, not bad at all!

Splash en los Oidos

And the reviews keep on coming. Splash en los Oidos is a Spanish (mostly English) Indie blog. I have seen Air, Architecture in Helsinki, The Walkmen and even Dido among other things. The owner(s) post about two to three posts a week which is a tad of downside. Anyways, check it out yourself.

The Trance


The Trance is the TIP of the day. A massive and diverse amount of vinyl at arms length. Definitely worth a visit for your 1970s and 1980s pop and disco. Most of the stuff posted here I was initially unfamiliar with, but this soon changed as I filled up my hard drives! This one was a pleasant surprise! Enjoy!

Bug In The City

Bug In The City is an eclectic blog which in other words does almost everything. Expect, Dj Krush (Turntablism, Hip Hop), Adjeef The Poet (Dutch pop), Schwabinggrad Ballet (Prog. Ballet), Brain Donor (Classic Rock), aparagonofbeauty (Avant Jazz Rock) and other lesser known musicians and music streams. Well worth a visit to find new things (at least for me it proved to be a good source of a lot of novelties).

House Depot

I am behind my review schedule, so today I will try to catch up as best as I can. First one on the list is The House Depot. A good looking house (naturally) blog which attempt to "bring you the freshest, illest, rawest,dopest, grimeyst, hardest, dirtiest, nastyist, baddest, biggest, best, sickest, loudest, dankest, mos def, house music on the planet". Well at least that is the promise they make on their website. However, dont get me wrong, this shit is tight! A recommended blog for all bangers.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Mood Indicator

The Mood Indicator is a somewhat different blog which introduces you to a whole range of music. Lykke Li (Indie), Gavin Friday (Alternative Rock), German Schlager (German Folk), Chris Rea (Vocal Pop) and Tinariwen (Protest Songs). In other words, a whole lot of different music for a whole lot of different moods. Find your own.

80's tapes

80's tapes is another cool 80s blog. Expect two posts a week, mostly dedicated to mainstream 80s pop music. The nice thing is that the music on this blog comes from old cassette tapes. Not bad at all!

Tommy Gunn

Tommy Gunn is a relatively new blog which does a lot of different things. Expect everything from Billy Joel to De La Soul and from Rod Stewart to The Notorious BIG. It still looks a bit uncertain where this blog is going, but go ahead and check it yourself.



TIP of today is for WeLove-music. An amazing blog for world music in the widest sense of the word. Expect the best of African music (98 posts), Arabian rhythms (234 posts), Asian sounds (131 posts) among music from all other parts of the world. Special attention is also paid to Turkish and Sufi Music. In three words: AN amazing blog! Treat yourself and visit WeLove-music now.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Industrial, Post-Punk Update

Get ready for some industrial, post-punk and hardcore noise. Some of these blogs I intend to categorise under the metal and punk sections, others will find their home in a new Industrial/ Gothic/ Emo section.

  • Salmagundi Syncopation - Blog description says: "All kinds of music from out of print LPs and CDs to world music, punk, hardcore, industrial and metal". Now you now what to expect! Weekly updates, nice lay out.
  • Imaginary Dark does Cello Metal, Dark Cabaret, Dark Electro, Deathrock, Doom Metal among other dark genres.
  • Destroy Silence opens your ears for Alternative, Post Punk, Gothic and other industrial inspired music.
  • Happy Fun Good Time Smile Look Ouch (great title) looks somewhat dead but did experimental music with a classic touch (Randy Newman, Peter Gabriel, Coil and Roxy Music).
  • Glinena ovca (argillaceous sheep with ceramic teeth) is an infrequently updated music blog which is specialised in experimental and industrial music.
  • Gatekeepers is most definitely not only a metal blog, but also does alternative and progressive rock. Unfortunately the blog has not been updated in the last 3 months.
  • SheerInertia's Engine - "Music for those inclined to think", well that is what the description says. Expect Christian Death, Love and Rockets, Swans, The sisterhood etc.
  • MantelDerNacht - Is also an industrial electronic blog which does Electronic, New Beat, Techno, Goa Trance, synth pop among other things.

Vida Digital

About a hour or so ago I visited Vida Digital. A blog which has enough interesting links to make your digital experience even better. Everyday the owner seems to describe and introduce you to a new video/ photo or music site/ blog which he find (rightfully) worthwhile to visit. The description are in Spanish and Portuguese which for some of us could be difficult. Nevertheless, despite this minor handicap, this one is definitely worth checking out!

Psychedelics Dissociatives Deliriants

Psychedelics Dissociatives Deliriants (don't look at me, I did not come up with the name!) is a highly fascinating blog which does art rock, avant and a lot of experimentalism. However, this is not all. In fact this is just the beginning since the blog also does... Hip Hop. I know its strange... But it is also definitely worth checking out. I know I will.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

History of the 80s


History of the 80s is a well recommended 80s blog. Their latest post is a wonderful 10CD box set with all the number one hits of the 1980s. The blog seems to be daily updated and features music from Fleetwood Mac, Pet Shop Boys, David Bowie, ZZ Top among many other 80 heroes. A comlete blog so it seems.
TIP is well deserved.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Fries of Freedom

Fries of Freedom provides you with lots of quality new indie music. Expect the latest albums such as: The Verve - Forth (2008), Magnetic Morning - Magnetic Morning (2008), First Aid Kit - Plaits (2008). This stuff is powerful and thus well recommended! Many thanks to the owner(s) of Fries of Freedom!

Radiohead 2008 Tour

Radiohead 2008 Tour - A blog on Radiohead's 2008 world tour in Berlin, Glasgow, Milan etc. Expect live sounds, albums, photos, reviews and many other goodies. Not bad, one for the fans!

Movies and House Music

The name, Movies and House Music, says it all: "A place where cinema and electronic music collide." The blog is relatively new and updated twice a week or so. Expect single MP3s, remixes and albums.


One of the owners of ExModia described his blog to me as a "Gay-oriented house music blog". After visiting ExModia one gets a bettter understanding what the blog is about. Trendy club music from the "derelict districts of New York City, London, and Berlin." Check it out! Good luck to the owners of Exmodia!

Country Update

Today a new link section dedicated to the country genre. Please find below a selection of good blogs which should provide you with a bite more than just an introduction:

  • Just Country - Should be one of the most comprehensive country blogs on the WWW. A must see for the fans. TIP.
  • Any Music Mania - Has all kinds of music, but is seemingly a nice place to start looking for more contemporary country music.
  • Tributo-Americano - Is a Spanish blog dedicated to the beauties of American country and rock.
  • Download Country Music MP3 - Does not only do country, but also other genres. Nevertheless, not a bad blog to browse through.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Blues Update

All the below blogs must be checked out in order to be labelled a true blues listener. It is difficult to TIP one of these blogs without recommending them all. Amazing sex for the ears! Please check them out and leave a comment on their blogs just to support them!

  • Telhados do Mundo - A gateway and dedication to raw and authentic Blues and Jazz. This one is well recommended for those who appreciate legendary names such as: Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, Sonny Rollins and Ben Webster.
  • Blues Everyday - What to expect from a blog with such a name? Blues and lots of it! Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Joe Hill Louis etc, etc. Enjoy!
  • Blues Town - A "must see". Blues Town gives you almost everything on an every day basis. From Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings to Todor "Toscho" Todorovic. An established blog - TIP.
  • Crossroads Club 27 - Another, last, blog that one has to check out. A love is shared here for heroes such as Albert King, B.B. King (27 posts!), Big Joe Williams and Bob Dylan. I can't deny that whichever blog dedicates 33 posts on Dylan deserves a TIP (I am biased, I know!).

Zero G Sound


Another blog worth checking out today is Zero G Sound. Zero G Sound has a progressive feeling to it, also in their selection of Reggae, World Music (a lot of German things), Jazz, and Classical music. For Brecht admirers (bought two books of him this morning) there are some wonderful posts on his musical collaboration with Hanns Eisler among other things.

I really like the ideological touch the blog owners have given to the choice of contents. My compliments to them who have done a seemingly great job in making this blog interesting and my visit worthwhile. A personal
TIP without doubt.

Groove Eternal

Groove Eternal is a great funk blog all the way from Chili. There is a lot to see and hear at Groove Eternal: Jazz, R&B, New Soul, Acid Jazz and even Disco. But the blog's speciality is without doubt Tha Funk! Expect funk from The Flevans, Bootsy Collins, Crown Heights Affair and Ed Motta among many others. This blog is time well spend!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

1980s Update

Its time for the 1980s, whether you like it or hate it! Here they come:

Cygnet Committee - Pop and Disco remixes from the 1980s. Blog has not been updated for a month.
Strctly Mixes - From the same owner as the above blog, but more frequently updated. This one does 12" Remixes from the best of 1980s' Pop and Disco.
Julia's Club Eighties - A good source, and frequently updated, for your 1980s mixes. Julia does everything from Pop to Techno and Disco to Rock. A great starting point for all your 80s wishes.
80s House Music - The name gives it away. A blog dedicated to the delights of Acid House, Chicago house, DMC and Jack Trax.
No Guts No Glory No 80's - Another great blog for the lovers of 1980s pop and disco. This blog has a massive collection of Divine and Bobby "O" albums.


SBMP3B is "first and foremost a collection of music made by donAteller". Expect a good mix of art electro, eclectic rock and even some Polish disco. An interesting blog with seemingly interesting music.

Play out Louder

Play out Louder is a nice looking Indie blog. I like their diverse range of tastes which consist of progressive bands such as Saosin (hardcore), Mayday Parade (Emo, Indie Rock), Interpol (Post Punk) and Fresno (Indie Rock). This one is definitely one to check out for the fans!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Old School Revenge


This Blog takes you way back, way back in history. Old School Revenge is a Grade A blog made by someone that knows his/ her stuff. Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel (1983), Royalty Ladies (1986), Freestyle (1984, 1986 and 1989) among many more classic Hip Hop flavours.

Most of these tracks date back from the time that we here were still young kids, old memories relived! Although the owner has just started to upload these gems, I sincerely hope that we will be able to enjoy this still for a long time! TIP if only to encourage the future efforts!

Mary Shelley Overdrive

Last request for today, but a very good one. Check out Mary Shelley Overdrive, a site for the band with the same name. After all, we got to support the small guys! Check out the site of this beginning punk garage band and download their EP "HIDEOUS SEXY" for free! Cheers guys and keep up the good work!

That DJ

That DJ is unsurprisingly a blog dedicated to the beauties of house and electro music. Also a perfect place (updated every 4 days) for your Minimal, Tech, Fidget, Electronic, Break Beat and Dirty Music. In other words, check it out!

Rap 4 Real

I have received lots of requests for placement the last couple of days. One of the last ones is for Rap 4 Real. I was happy to see Public Enemy, A lighter Shade of Brown, A Tribe called Quest and of course good old Daddy Kane. Well worth a visit for all you classic Hip Hop fans.

Smuggled Sounds


Smuggled Sounds is a pretty cool name for a well recommended and established blog. Smuggled Sounds does all kinds of music, Hip Hop, Metal, Prog., House and is thus to difficult to define in one category. An allrounder, which deserves a TIP. Go ahead and check it out, chances are small you'll get disappointed!