Sunday, 31 August 2008

Mp3 Start and It's Linked

Mp3 Start has a nice music selection of music blogs and also uploads single MP3s to zshare. The listed blogs are not categorised by genre or alphabetical, but are nevertheless clearly visible to every viewer. The seems to be a emphasis on hiphop music, but also other genres are represented. Not bad, not at all.


A lot better even is their other blog, It's Linked. A good place to search and find your favourite tracks and albums. In fact the idea behind It's Linked is quite brilliant indeed. Simply type your query in a Google box and search the results for all your favourite Hip Hop, Rap RnB, Soul and other audio files. The site is still in Beta phase, but could well prove to be a good alternative for your average Google/ Yahoo search. Definitely worth checking out - TIP!

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