Thursday, 14 August 2008

1980s Update

Its time for the 1980s, whether you like it or hate it! Here they come:

Cygnet Committee - Pop and Disco remixes from the 1980s. Blog has not been updated for a month.
Strctly Mixes - From the same owner as the above blog, but more frequently updated. This one does 12" Remixes from the best of 1980s' Pop and Disco.
Julia's Club Eighties - A good source, and frequently updated, for your 1980s mixes. Julia does everything from Pop to Techno and Disco to Rock. A great starting point for all your 80s wishes.
80s House Music - The name gives it away. A blog dedicated to the delights of Acid House, Chicago house, DMC and Jack Trax.
No Guts No Glory No 80's - Another great blog for the lovers of 1980s pop and disco. This blog has a massive collection of Divine and Bobby "O" albums.

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