Sunday, 3 August 2008

03/ 08/ 2008 Entries

Today some more experimental sounds, away from the main current and into the wild! Sounds, avant, noise and a little bit of irony. This is all good stuff, thanks goes out to the owners of these amazing blogs!
  • An Index Of Possibilities - A great blog and well recommened. No downloads (as far as I have seen, but an online player, that introduces you to all kinds of cyberpunk noise, avant bizarrities and surreal worlds. TIP (no doubt)
  • Carnival of Headache - Wonderful name, don't you agree? Carnival has a Mike Patton (lots of it), Made Out Of Babies, but also Faith no more and Sword. In other words: Avant Rock, Prog. Rock and Funk Metal (yes sir!)
  • Cagedream - Another great alternative, independent blog. What you can find here? John Cage, Shellac and Charles Mingus (among many other delights). Come here for your Jazzy ballet, Art rock and even pop punk. Most definitely an avant music blog! TIP for the fans of experimental musica.
  • Covermoutt Cassette - "Obscure, Rare & Home Made Tracks & Mixtapes collected from Car Boot Sales, Magazines, Jumbles, Charity Shops & Record Stores". No further description needed, I think!
  • cremitafina - I have seen Thievery Corporation (love em!), Anima Sound System and a good range of Uk Hip Hop (Herbaliser, DJ Vadim and other Ninja Tunes). In other words a good blog from funky folk to independent Hip Hop
  • Culture Pleasure - Yes pleasure is found here from progressive minimalism to the best of prog. Jazz (Nguyên Lê is indeed great!). Also dont forget to listen to Talking Timbuktu (African blues), recommended love poison for the ears. TIP

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