Monday, 4 August 2008

04/ 08/ 2008 Entries

Today some dark fantasies, a lot of metal, some black indie and a tad of electro love. Enjoy these new blogs:
  • Bleak Blank Tragedy - has as motto that "Death is more perfect than life" (originally the title of a book by Larry Clark). This politically inspired ethos seems to be reflected in the music choice in which dark metal powers play center stage. What to find here? Sludge metal (Steve von Till), Hardcore punk (Circle Takes the Square), among other prog. rock and metal.
  • Garden of Fantasies - has a fairy tale touch to it. Come here for your Gothic metal, Power metal, but also some darker Indie rock and Post Grunge. The owner of the blog looks cute by the way.
  • Electro-premium - Well what to expect from a blog with this name? The title says it all, "For Electronic Music Lover" only. Premium is especially strong in compilations.
  • xLeftys Junkx - A nice title for a blog which is specialised in Deathcore, Metalcore, Hardcore, Screamo Indie (check to find out what that means), Acoustic and even some Electronica.

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