Thursday, 7 August 2008

07/ 08/ 2008 Entries

Let's see what we have here, a well recommended blog full of experimental gems, a smart Hip Hop blog, some samba to warm up this summer and a good Trip-Hop blog that is well worth a bit of your time. In other words enjoy!
  • Secret Musix Box - A good place for your Trip-Hop, Acid Jazz and Electronica. Enjoy cause this is good!
  • Experimental etc - The name says it all. What to find here? Jackie-O Motherfucker, Stereolab and Homesick For Space. I am giving it a TIP since this gay/ gal knows his/ her stuff,
  • Hiphoprevol - I know that I have a lot of Hip Hop blogs already on this blog, however this one is particularly pretty good. A lot of good records, from the best labels: Fat Beats, Ninja Tunes, Hydeout Productions, etc. A TIP for the Hip Hop people.
  • Mistureba Musical - Find your off the beaten track music here. Wax Poetic, Air, Goldfrapp among others. Most of it can be accommodated under alternative and progressive pop. A good blog and thus well worth a visit.
  • J thyme kind - Is a cool blog, specialised in Brazilian sounds ranging from Samba to Música Popular Brasileira. Perfect for this sunny summer!

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