Monday, 18 August 2008

Industrial, Post-Punk Update

Get ready for some industrial, post-punk and hardcore noise. Some of these blogs I intend to categorise under the metal and punk sections, others will find their home in a new Industrial/ Gothic/ Emo section.

  • Salmagundi Syncopation - Blog description says: "All kinds of music from out of print LPs and CDs to world music, punk, hardcore, industrial and metal". Now you now what to expect! Weekly updates, nice lay out.
  • Imaginary Dark does Cello Metal, Dark Cabaret, Dark Electro, Deathrock, Doom Metal among other dark genres.
  • Destroy Silence opens your ears for Alternative, Post Punk, Gothic and other industrial inspired music.
  • Happy Fun Good Time Smile Look Ouch (great title) looks somewhat dead but did experimental music with a classic touch (Randy Newman, Peter Gabriel, Coil and Roxy Music).
  • Glinena ovca (argillaceous sheep with ceramic teeth) is an infrequently updated music blog which is specialised in experimental and industrial music.
  • Gatekeepers is most definitely not only a metal blog, but also does alternative and progressive rock. Unfortunately the blog has not been updated in the last 3 months.
  • SheerInertia's Engine - "Music for those inclined to think", well that is what the description says. Expect Christian Death, Love and Rockets, Swans, The sisterhood etc.
  • MantelDerNacht - Is also an industrial electronic blog which does Electronic, New Beat, Techno, Goa Trance, synth pop among other things.

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