Wednesday, 30 July 2008

31/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part I

These blogs are all A-class and I cant decide which one to recommend more. Just check them out:

  • Zinhof My Music - This blog knows its music. The whole Beatles discography, BB King, Billy Idol, but also Etta James and even Whitesnake (A lot of "Best of and discographies).
  • NitroFiles - Is another decent blog. Featuring New Order, Simple Minds, but also more mainstream Pop and Rock music.
  • 8 DAYS IN APRIL - Want to know what 'Krautrock' constitutes of? Check this blog out. Also your source for Vintage Psychedelic and Progressive rock! This is quality!
  • TWILIGHTZONE! I reckon that this must be the best music blog that I visited today. Kuddos for the twilight! Psychedelic, garage, trashy punk and even some classic rock & roll. Definitely TIP!
  • Opium Ben - I spoke to Ben yesterday and asked him to describe his Blog, he responded: "Quark, Strangeness & Charm" I think he was right. TIP d'art l'avant garde!

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