Tuesday, 29 July 2008

29/ 07/ 2008 Entries Part I

Today some experimental, inter-disciplinary, difficult to categorise sounds to make your ears tinkle. I love these blogs, although they are giving me a hard time to categorise them!
  • autov3rs3 - Mixing electro with rock and Funk with lyrics without words.
  • avant-spiral - Has music that you are not supposed to enjoy (and that's a complement!).
  • Baroque Dub - Mixing dub with all other things (Mixes only).
  • Prog not Frog - Has lots of very kool prog. rock gems and mixes it with jazz, funk etc.
  • A Closet of Curiosities (sister site of Basement Curiosities) - I have seen Chinese folk, twilight zone music, music for mythic moods. This blog is great for all kinds of niches!
  • Decoder - Avant Garde, unreleased, out of print, 'music from the avant-derriere end of town'.
  • Wassonii - Out of Print releases, clips and other rarities.

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