Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Clean - Left By Soft (tape, Cliche Bootlegs & Tapes, 198?)

I am not sure if this the same The Clean as the Australian band. Maybe there is something missing from this package, well definetly the tracktitles. Garage rock!

From Eu Records


a note:

Hi there, the full track listing for this tape is as follows:

01. At The Bottom
02. Platypus
03. Point That Thing Somewhere Else
04. Count To Ten
05. Quickstep
06. Yesterday Was
07. I Don't Get You
08. Thumbs Off
09. Getting Older
10. Oddity
11. Point That Thing Dub
12. Quickstep
13. Left By Jam

The band are considering re-issuing this cassette at present. We've not been able to ascertain where or exactly when it was recorded though.

Hope is this of some help!

Regards, Jaz
Anything Could Happen

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