Thursday, 13 January 2011

Three Times A Day (two tapes, Finger In The Dike, 013, 1983)

Dr. Freakowitz and me weren't too sure if we ever saw Three Times A Day online somewhere, but we had a low bit rate copy. So I did a new, 320 bit version of this great compilation. Some great music by well-known bands such as Colin Potter, Pseudo Code, Human Flesh, Cortex, Bene Gesserit, M.B., Portion Control, Hunting Lodge but also lesser known bands as Andre de Koning, Beats Per Minute (the band behind the label), Sluik, Utilisation Du Vieux Port, Merciless Ponies, Cor Dur, Vovokai, Pension Stammheim, Sueno Sueno, Oppression Breed Violence and Shame Exposure. Lots of great electronic music.


I also put new, repaired links for these two posts, The Ex - Live In Emma and Metal Core

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