Saturday, 17 April 2010

Escupemetralla - Burros de Dios (tape, Clonaciones Petunio, 1990)

For the last mission I have borrowed tapes from seller on discogs EU records. I am not sure if all of the tapes I am posting are already for sale from him yet, but find EU records as a seller on discogs and ask him. I have a bunch already done, and apparently there is some more, which I will get soon. In some cases its was not easy to see if it was just a demo, but the musical tastes fit this blog perfectly. Every now and then there might be the odd post by Dr. Freakowitz, or Pascal Tabernac, or even myself, but once the EU well dries out, this blog dies. I don't know when that it is.

The first post is by Escupemetralla from Barcelona. We posted music from them before. Industrial and electronic.


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