Friday, 16 April 2010

Mail Music (tape, Psychic Rally, 1994)

A project organised by Joke Lanz (Sudden Infant) and Rudolv (Schimpfluch), as part of a mail art exhibition, dealing with music send by mail. The cassette, a sort of broadcast on LoRa radio station in Zurich, documents the various pieces. It starts out with a collage of spoken word, the old Mail Music LP by Nicola Frangione and then, separate indexed here, the tracks by Factor X, Maggot Bile, TAC, Friedmann/Thur, Daniel Menche, Batchas, Aube, Macronympha, Telepherique, Clito Crime, Black Leather Jesus, K2, G*Park, Alvars Orkester, Costa Vece, Andy Viasmith, WTC, Zamlaka, Brume, Zapalka's Zespol, Dave Philips, Merzbow, Kapotte Muziek/IOS, Hess, Feine Trinkers and then a long outro, a collage of various bits. Look at the booklet, all scanned, and it makes more sense.

Tomorrow I move this blog into the final stage, after having scraped the barrel here and around the various collections of people that kindly donated stuff.


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