Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Joy Division - A Retrospective Part II (tape, Stick-and-Roll Records, 1987)

The same person who borrowed me all those punk tapes in the last few months also borrowed me this. I know there is a lot of Joy Division to be downloaded out there, especially concerts and such like. 'A Retrospective Part II' (I don't have part 1) has various live bits too (Amsterdam, High Wycombe, Eindhoven, Rainbow Theatre), a track from the Warsaw demo and 'Transmission' and 'She's Lost Control' from the BBC. Nothing spectacular. However it also as 'Candidate' and 'New Dawn Fades' from Unknown Pleasures, but according to the cover 'outtakes/different mixes from 'Unknown Pleasures' (Mastered properly)'. Now I am not too sure about that, but no doubt something to think about all night. Oh Peter Hook of the division is going to perform the 'Unknown Pleasures' LP in its entirety in Eindhoven (May 29) and Den Haag (May 28) with his band The Light, part of a world tour it seems. I may go to either one.

This is no longer available, thanks to DMCA

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