Friday, 11 March 2011

Keep The Bowels Open (tape, Geronto Produxies, 1989)

Of course there is still some punk tapes to be posted, like this indexed punk compilation with The Sect, Repulsives, Brain Dead, Scraps, The Accorns, Political Asylum, The Mushrooms, Bad Brains, Farf-Bey, Genocide, Raw Power, Larm, Carcass, VNA, Napalm Death, Membranes, Asbestos Rockpile, Urban Disturbance, My Dog Popper, Rollins Band, Cowboy Killers, Genossen, Shaved Pigs, Conflict, Cosmic Psychos, Legal Suffering, Moss Icon, Belgian Asociality, Ramones, BTD.

Not for sale


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